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Key Stage 2 Girls' Running Club

There are 16 KS2 girls in the Running Club and we have completed two out of our six week block.  I am really impressed by the enthusiasm of the runners, many of whom have not run before.  We are focussing on time spent running rather than speed so that we can all work on improving our PB (Personal Best).  In Week One we looked at warm ups and some techniques for running over distance.  Some good tips are to run with a partner and keep chatting; if you can't chat you're running too fast!  Try to keep your shoulders relaxed and look straight ahead. 


Next week's challenge is to run 4 times round the field without stopping.  WE CAN DO IT!!


Remember to take a look at www.parkrun.org.uk  if you would like to run 5k on a Saturday morning; it is free to register and there are Parkruns in Southampton and Netley Abbey.  Children under 11 need to be accompanied but there is a Junior Parkrun in Southampton too: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/southampton-juniors/     This is a 2km course open to 4-14 year olds