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KS2 Girls Running Club

Tuesday 14 July will be the final session of the KS2 Girls Running Club.  We started six weeks ago and I am really impressed by the progress that the regular attendees have made.  At the beginning we were running  2 or 3 times round the field with no stops but last Tuesday we ran 5 consecutive circuits and still had energy for a couple of speed training activities too.  We have looked at the Parkrun website and I am hoping that some of the runners will have a go at the Junior Event which takes place every Sunday in Southampton.


We have decided that we are going to run 7 consecutive laps on our final session; we run at a group pace but the final lap is "free run" so that we can challenge ourselves.  I am really confident that some members of the club will continue to run during the holidays and continue to build on the skills they have been learning.