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School Council Elections

It has been very exciting and terribly busy over these last two months, sorting out the School Council and getting it all set up for this year to come.

On Thursday 17th November, the new School Council Elections took place. We held a full ‘mock’ election in the hall with a Ballot Box, Returning Officers (Year 6) and official voting slips.

The children across the school began to vote throughout the day and by 11.00 the whole school, including the adults, had voted. As soon as the voting was closed, the count began and before lunchtime, we had the final vote verified.

It was a close call in Year 6, as it was a tie between two candidates. The class had to vote a second time and from this result, the candidates were confirmed.

At 2.30 that afternoon, we held an assembly. The results were read out and each member of the new School Council received a red School Council official badge.

The elected members of the Council are as follows:

Year R: Nissi and Tommy B

Year 1: Lennon and Ebony

Year 2: Kasey and Ruby

Year 3/4: Kian and Keira

Year 5: Erin and John-Joe

Year 6: Bonnie and Ellie

Mrs Pike is the teacher in charge of proceedings. The School Council has met twice since the elections. We have made buddies within the group to help each other. We have asked all of the classes about how they would like to see playtimes and lunchtimes improve further. We are going to bring these ideas to Mr Woodford to make a decision about in the new year.

In the meantime, perhaps as parents, you would like to think of ways we can raise money for equipment in school? Through cake sales, old uniform sales or cookie baking etc? If you have an idea, please ,let your child know and they can  bring the idea to the Council.

The idea of having the Council is that it is for ALL of the school community. We want you to have a voice in the way that we can make the school even better for the children.


Look out for the January update on the website to see what has been happening.