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We opened the new West End Co-op!


On Wednesday 22nd March, members of Hightown Primary School Council were invited to open the new Co-op supermarket in West End. Not only were we invited to cut the ribbon and have our photo taken for the newspaper, we were also given £500!


The very kind Co-op store decided that our school deserved the sum of money to put towards buying some beautiful and exciting new books for the Year R children as well as helping us with buying some new equipment for playtimes in KS2.


It was SUCH an exciting morning! Mrs Cook, Mrs Pike, Bonnie (Y6), Kian ( Y4) and Ebony

( Y1) were chosen to represent the school. Not all of the School Council members were able to come which was a shame, but the three School Council members did a marvellous job. They were polite and listened to the questions the shop assistants asked them, answering questions and smiling in all the pictures!


We turned up at 10.00 am and met Steve the photographer. He was very charming and made us feel welcome. Then we met some of the other staff at the shop and the manager, Chris. We had a little tour of the new shop, which had amazing produce and it all looked so clean and sparkling!


It was then time for the photographs to be taken, so Kian had the job of holding the enormous scissors to cut the ribbon. Bonnie and Ebony were holding up the ribbon and the rest of the staff and teachers, stood behind them waving our hands. Then Steve took more photos of the School Councillors holding Easter eggs which was a great picture to take.


The pupils were then fortunate enough to be given the Easter eggs to take home. We were really lucky! After a short good bye and lots of ‘thank you’’s and praise from the manager about how beautifully the pupils were behaved, we left (making sure we also got a balloon each as we went!).


It was a really special morning and a great way to show off our School Councillors and the wonderful job they are doing. We also got money for our school and our photo in the Echo ( hopefully).


Look out for the article in the next week or so.

Than you Co-op, Hightown Primary are forever grateful to you.

School Council Elections 2016

School Council Elections 2016


It has been very exciting and terribly busy over these last two months, sorting out the School Council and getting it all set up for this year to come.

On Thursday 17th November, the new School Council Elections took place. We held a full ‘mock’ election in the hall with a Ballot Box, Returning Officers (Year 6) and official voting slips.

The children across the school began to vote throughout the day and by 11.00 the whole school, including the adults, had voted. As soon as the voting was closed, the count began and before lunchtime, we had the final vote verified.

It was a close call in Year 6, as it was a tie between two candidates. The class had to vote a second time and from this result, the candidates were confirmed.

At 2.30 that afternoon, we held an assembly. The results were read out and each member of the new School Council received a red School Council official badge.

The elected members of the Council are as follows:

Year R: Nissi and Tommy B

Year 1: Lennon and Ebony

Year 2: Kasey and Ruby

Year 3/4: Kian and Keira

Year 5: Erin and John-Joe

Year 6: Bonnie and Ellie

Mrs Pike is the teacher in charge of proceedings. The School Council has met twice since the elections. We have made buddies within the group to help each other. We have asked all of the classes about how they would like to see playtimes and lunchtimes improve further. We are going to bring these ideas to Mr Woodford to make a decision about in the new year.

In the meantime, perhaps as parents, you would like to think of ways we can raise money for equipment in school? Through cake sales, old uniform sales or cookie baking etc? If you have an idea, please ,let your child know and they can  bring the idea to the Council.

The idea of having the Council is that it is for ALL of the school community. We want you to have a voice in the way that we can make the school even better for the children.


Look out for the January update on the website to see what has been happening.

School council election


On Friday 15th May 2015, Year 6 ran a school council election to nominate a child from each class to represent the school. Year 6 had fun running this election and announcing the winners.


As the classes came to vote, they had to make sure their name was on the list so then they didn’t try to vote twice. On the voting sheet were 4 names from each class that they had to vote for. You weren’t allowed to vote for yourself. Even the little children were allowed to vote! “I’m excited!” Faith exclaimed happily. However some children didn’t like the election. Julia quoted “It’s hard to think who’s going to win, I don’t want to be here!”


When everyone in that class had voted, they had to wait for 2 minutes for the votes to be counted. In this time reporters were able to interview some children.

Year R

Then the votes came in. The returning officer told the children who won.

Year 6 enjoyed helping with the elections and would love to do it again in the future.


By Tiffany and Joe.

School Council Elections


On Friday the 15th of May Year 6 Cheetah class ran the school council elections. There were eight classes in total who had four children going for school council but only two could get it.  Those who got school council would be representing the class for the new school year. However, Year 6 didn’t have an election because they wouldn’t be at Hightown next year.


Year 6 Jobs

Year six had to do a class list so that children would not vote twice or pretend that they were someone else. This took ages for the Year 3 classes as there are two of them. After they had signed in they went over to someone else to get there ballot paper and put two crosses in two boxes. Once they had done that, they put their paper in a box and left the voting room. As they were leaving the voting room, two people were asking them who they voted for. Some people decided not to tell them whereas others decided to tell them. After they asked 5-6 people the exit pollers took a rough estimate of who was going to win the election. Most of the time they were close to the right people winning - they got 1 of the 2 people correct and the rest of the time they got it spot on and they got both of the children right. A short time after the exit pollers asked the children who they voted for, the all-important count happened. The count took 5-10 minutes it depends on the class really. After the count, the returning officer gave the final results for all the class. In total the signing in, giving the ballot papers, voting the count and returning the results overall for all the classes took 3.5-4.5 hours. The children doing each jobs were:

  1. Richard and Beth doing class list.
  2. Ellie handing out ballot papers.
  3. Becky, Conner and Sammy doing the count.
  4. Crystal doing the returning officer. The returning officer returns the results to each class.
  5. Raymond doing photography.
  6. Owen and Cina doing the Exit poll. The Exit poll asked a few children who they voted for after they asked a few children who they voted for they took a rough estimate of who will win.
  7. And finally, Luke and Joe interviewing people voting and the candidates who are running for school council.


By Richard and Zack.