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Who's Who

Headteacher: Sian Cook

Vice Principal: Zoe Doyle

Chief Executive Officer: Claire Lowe

Senco: Louise Sayles

Family Liaison Officer: Natalie Taylor


Class Teachers:

         Year R   Gemma Donaldson


  Year 1   Charlotte Chessell


       Year 2    Claire Spence 


       Year 3    Tarj Sidhu 


             Year 4     Catherine Pike and Tamantha Turner        


    Year 5     Jonathan Upfold


   Year 6     Danielle Lebbern


Additional Teaching Staff: 


Spanish: Gabby Hugh


Inclusion Team

Lead Inclusion Practitioner: Gemma Vaughan



Teaching Support Staff

Teaching Assistants:

Hattie Clark

Lisa Burdon

Laura Martin

Debbie French

Karen McMillan

Tamantha Turner

Chris Summers 

Sarah Willmore

Tina Wylde

Charlotte Prebble

Claire Pole

Louise Pead

Hayley Gilmour

Tomas Godwin


Librarian: Roy Moss



Debbie French


Speech and Language

Michelle Riceman - Therapist


Admin Staff:

Sarah Mills, Linda Moore and Lauren Poore


Inspire Learning Partnership

Southampton Hub

Interim Director of Finance and Resources: Sandy Weakly

Finance / Payroll Officer: Emma Browning

Admin & GDPR Officer: Carrie Jackson

ICT Systems Manager: Darren Nash

ICT Technicians: Glen Chivers, Josh Fisher, Ben Hurst

Site Management:

Caretaker: Mike Payne

Cleaners: Kelly Devereux, Debbie Sparshott


Paediatric First Aiders

Louise Pead

Hattie Clark

Laura Martin

Debbie Sparshott

Lisa Burdon