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Year 2 - Toucans

Year 2 BLOG Autumn Term 2,  October 2017


Year 2 have been amazing learners this term. They have continued with a super attitude to their learning. Reading has continued to be a priority with books changed daily. Our record has been 23 children having read at home this term so far. What a fabulous start! It would be fabulous if we could report in the next BLOG how we have beaten this super record! As DR SEUSS reports…. “The more things you read, the more things you will know… the more that you’ll learn and the more places you’ll go!”

In Maths we have been developing our place value knowledge and playing games with numbers. The children have further developed their understanding of tens and ones within numbers and used this to calculate answers to number problems involving addition and subtraction. Our next number focus is on multiplication and division using the 2, 5 and 10x tables. The children have really enjoyed explaining their understanding and using mathematical vocabulary within their explanations.

We have enjoyed a memorable visit to Hilliers Gardens at Romsey where we learned how animals have adapted to their habitats, investigated different microhabitats and looked at seasonal changes.


The joy on the children’s faces when they did their pond dipping and mini- beast hunting was lovely to see. When we returned to school we have continued to develop our scientific and geographical skills through finding out more about trees and their fruits, mapping our journey through Hilliers and researching more about different types of habitats and the animals which live there. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of trip.


Within our English lessons we have written instructions “How to capture goblins, trolls and dinosaurs!” The children have wonderful imaginations and made some creative choices in their vocabulary and methods in which they might capture their chosen characters! A key focus in Year2 is developing key word spelling and imaginative vocabulary and sentence styles. The children have really risen to this challenge in their first pieces of writing of the year. We have enjoyed whole class reading texts “How to catch a dinosaur” and “How to catch a dragon”. Comparing the two stories. Next, we are reading “The Lonely Beast” and will be writing our own diary entries based on the Beast’s experiences in the story.


Well done Year 2! It’s such fun learning with you and travelling with you on your ‘learning journey!’


Miss Pattison and Mrs Tompkins.

Year 2 BLOG Autumn Term 1 2017


What an amazing start to the Year. Both Miss Pattison and I have been super impressed by Toucan’s class and the way they have started Year 2. All the children have settled to the new class routines quickly. They have been really enthusiastic, especially with their daily reading and most of the children have been reading daily at home. Books have been changed daily and many of the children have nearly filled up their first reading tree and will soon be awarded their first reading prize.


Year 2 have begun our first theme ‘Journeys’ and the children have been exploring the school grounds and looking for signs of Autumn. We learned about an artist called Andy Goldsworthy and how he makes art from objects in nature. The children then created their own amazing artwork on the playground using objects they had found. Lennon made an animal home with all that it would need, Amelia and Skylen made a sunflower and Daniel made his own garden scene. All the children recreated art which they were proud of and teamwork contributed to their successes.


In our first PE lessons we have focussed on building our teamwork within our table groups. We set the children a challenge to pass the hoops and beanbags around the circle without either touching it with their hands, dropping it, or breaking the circle. The teamwork and encouragement was fabulous and there were some very creative approaches to their problem solving.


We have also been busy furthering our maths understanding by investigating number bonds to 10 and 20 and solving problems to find the missing number. Marvin our maths mate has helped us and we have also done some ‘Ninja Maths’! Please ask your children to show you some of this…. They have really enjoyed being ‘Maths Ninjas.’ In English we have been learning about verbs, nouns and adjectives and using these to write our own recipes for a happy class.


With such positive attitudes and a ‘have a go’ approach to all their learning, we are excited to see where our learning journey takes us and see the children further their skills. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and seeing some of our learning.


Mrs Tompkins and Miss Pattison.