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Year 2 - Toucans

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March 2017


Year 2 have been learning about Castles and there has been a real buzz in our classroom! We investigated what life was like living in a castle and the different jobs there would have been. We watched video clips about life as a Norman boy and wrote our own diary entries as if we were living at that time. The children were fascinated with the toilets in particular. Everyone seemed to remember the role of the “gong – farmer’ in clearing out the castle toilets and agreed that none of them would have wanted to do that job! In Design technology the children learned how to make a pulley and then used their design skills to make their own castle models with a working drawbridge.

In our English lessons we learned how to use apostrophes of possession and commas in a list to mark 3 adjectives or actions within a sentence. We wrote descriptions of a spooky castle, after watching some films and listening to spooky music. We also wrote our own stories based on the story of Rumplestilskin, changing the characters and what enviable skills they had.

The children loved sharing their learning as part of our class assembly and we were pleased that so many of our parents attended.

We have also been learning how to play the recorder in our music lessons and now are able to play several tunes on our own; quite an achievement!

Last week during Arts week (28th Feb – 3rd March), we read a book called “ The Wonder” and investigated a range of art techniques to create texture and collage. We applied these techniques and new skills to help us create our own pictures of wild and wondrous dream worlds. We also wrote poems about our dreams, which we shared with parents during our open afternoon.

Look at our wonderful learning! We hope you enjoy sharing in it as much as we have enjoyed taking part …..