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Year 3 -

Autumn 2 


What a fantastic first half term we have had at school! Year 3 have had such an exciting learning journey so far. In English the children have shown off their brilliant story language to write a story about the Stone Age genius called Ug. They have used prepositions, time conjunctions and Stone Age language in their stories and I am so impressed! Here is an opening sentence from one of the many excellent stories: “Long, long ago in a distant past, a young cave dweller called Ug lived with his family in the heart of a stone quarry.” – Olivia.


In maths we have worked extremely hard on understanding number and place value. Now we have moved on to addition and subtraction the children are using their place value skills to support them. The children have been using deinnes and jottings to help them see the process of addition. When the children have 10 ones they have been exchanging them for 1 ten.


We were very excited when we arrived into school one day to see a mysterious red box in the classroom. The children would not stop talking about it and asking me what was inside! When we finally opened the box it was full of Stone Age artefacts. There were hand axes from each period of the Stone Age. This allowed the children to see, touch and feel the tools that would have been used all of those years ago. This has made us even more excited for our trip to Butser Farm where we will get to experience what life would have been like living in the Stone Age!

Autumn 1


Year 3 have had a fantastic few days back at school! It has been lovely to see how much all of the children have learnt during Year 2 and I can’t quite believe just how tall and grown up they are now! It is so nice to see all of their smiling faces again and we are all looking forward to a fantastic year as Chipmunks.


Year 3 have been discussing teamwork a lot these past few days. Why it is important to work as a team and what skills and qualities make an effective team. Chipmunks were given some challenges to complete and practised using these skills effectively whilst having lots of fun at the same time. We also looked at these skills during our transition week and made fantastic spaghetti and marshmallow towers!

In Literacy we are starting to explore our new topic The Stone Age by looking at the story ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura. We have travelled back 20,000 years to see what life was like as a cave man. We have been taking part in some role play. Thinking about where they would live, what they would eat and what activities they would do, they couldn't watch TV!!. 


In Maths we have been looking at place value and partioning, exploring the different ways we can partition a number and how this can help us solve other problems. The Chipmunks have also been challenging themselves to explain their thinking and reasoning during lessons. 


In P.E this half term (please bring in kits!) we will be doing gymnastics and invasion games such as netball and basketball. To begin our gymnastics module we started off with some Star Wars yoga and Chipmunks had a great time!. They all tried their best to move their bodies into difficult positions. We all worked hard and had massive smiles on our faces.