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Year 4 - Tigers

Autumn 2


What an incredible experience the first half term has been! In maths we have begun to show a real understanding of place value, a reflection of all the hard work they have put in. We will now be using this knowledge to move on to addition and subtraction, using formal written methods.

In English we have written list poems for Halloween focused on 10 things found in a wizard’s pocket. They have used expanded noun phrases along with unusual and exciting adjectives and we are very impressed with all their work. Here is a copy of Alycia Tsangacos’ poem:

Ten things found in a scary pumpkin

A weird spider that is black as night.

Scary shrunk goblins having a feast.

Little skeletons jiggling and laughing.

Quiet ghosts whispering to each other.

Fire as bright as fireworks.

A bloody tombstone with bony skeletons.

A rusty old cauldron creaking like a door.

The burning devil horns that burn the floor.

A terrifying skeleton is missing a head.


Autumn 1


Hippo class have thoroughly enjoyed our Book Study novel ‘Pebble in my Pocket’ by Meredith Cooper. Although it is a story, the book is a history of Earth told through the perspective of a pebble. From this amazing story, we have made dragonflies, volcanoes and a giant fish. Our focus has been on using vivid language. Here is an extract from Jay Sutherland’s version of the story:


In the beginning, the active, stony volcano fills with red steamy lava just glooping and swerving around. Bobbing up and down the lava vanishes whilst escaping through the seeps of the volcano with ashes from top to bottom. Until it fills up to the point that it has to shoot and hiss, lava pours off the volcano, melting the land. Slowly, slowly all the lava soaks up through old cracks.


Don’t forget our class assembly on Thursday 19th October, where you will hear more about the journey of our pebble!