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Year 5 - Dragonflies

Autumn 2


Year 5 have had a fantastic few weeks learning about Earth and Space, following our trip to the Winchester Science Centre earlier this month. We have been learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon and how they move in relation to each other to create days, months and years. We have also learnt about the other planets of the solar system, using books and the internet to find information and facts.


In RE we learnt all about prayer and ritual, looking specifically at the Lord's Prayer as well as how and why some Catholic Christians use a rosary. We developed our understanding of the importance of prayer and what this means to Christians. In PE we created and performed gymnastics routines in response to a piece of music about space: 'Neptune' from Holst's Planet Suite. We practised a number of balances - some individual, some with partners and some in groups - which we used to develop a full gymnastics routine. 


In English we have written descriptively about space, using figurative language. In maths we have been exploring all aspects of place value including reading, writing, ordering, comparing and rounding numbers with up to seven digits, counting forwards and backwards (in steps of power of 10) and using negative numbers.

Autumn 1


We have been back just over a week and there is already a hive of activity in Honeybee class!. Maths has got off to a great start with children rehearsing times tables daily and learning how to read, write, order and compare numbers with up to seven digits. Our class of busy workers has been learning all about honey bees. We made bees to decorate the classroom and working wall, as well as antennae and masks for costumes for our class assembly, which will be the Harvest Festival on Thursday 21st September. We are looking forward to putting on a great show!. 


There was a buzz of excitement last Wednesday as the children were treated to a talk by a visiting beekeeper. Ted Scott, from the West Solent Beekeeping Association, captivated the children as he arrived through the door in full bee suit with lots of exciting things to show, including a real bee hive!. The children had a great time learning all about bees and their importance to the world. It was a fantastic first day back!> 


In PE the children have been making 'bridges' using their bodies and the apparatus. Outside, they have been learning a number of playground games whilst building up their stamina with a weekly mile run. 


Inside the classroom, the children have been learning about conjunctions and pronouns and will shortly be applying these skills to a piece of writing all about bees.  Daily reading and spelling practise takes place in the mornings and each child has a banded book to take home. The first half term's homework assignments have been issued, and I'm proud to say that two children have completed 10 point tasks already!. 


We done Honeybees