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Year 6 - Lions

Autumn 2


On Monday 30th October a small group of children from year 6 got invited to the Saints Stadium for a writing afternoon. When we got into the Saints Stadium we went to a big room upstairs. We were surprised to see so many different year 6 classes. Each group also got a booklet.


Our first activity was visiting the away dressing room. We looked around the dressing room. The seats were very uncomfortable they had wooden planks with gaps in between. They also had a shower room with baths. We had to write how we would cheer our team if they were losing 3-0.


Our second activity was going to the tunnel. The tunnel leads outside onto the pitch. It was an amazing experience. When we back inside there were cubicles where footballers have their interviews. We had to write three questions to a football player. Some questions were: Where you nervous when you scored the goals? How did it feel when you first went on the pitch? When we had written our questions we gave each other interviews.


Our last activity was going to the home dressing room. The home dressing room was much nicer than the away dressing room because each player had their own seats and they had their own cushions. Above the seats they had their own mini storage shelf. On the wall behind the seats they had their own Saints shirt hung up with their name on it.

We also met a famous author called Dan Freedman. We got a book from Dan Freedman with his signature in it! We all had an amazing time.


Autumn 1


Lions have had an excellent start to this year and we couldn't wait for our first school trip in Year 6!. We went on a minibus tour around Southampton with Miss Lebbern. We stopped and looked at different human and physical features of Southampton and talked lots about trade, economy and what Southampton has to offer to the rest of the world. When we were back at school we researched different places withint Southampton that we were interested in, such as Saits FC, Netley Abbey and the Itchen Bridge. We had to present our findings to the class which was quite scary!. 

We not all know a lot more about this wonderful city we live in - so if any of you need to know anything you can come and ask us!.